Growing up in Afghanistan

parvana Title = Parvana

Author = Deborah Ellis

Genre = Adventure

Interest Level – Yrs 7 – 9

Parvana is a young girl growing up in tough times in Afghanistan. Her young brother has been killed in a land mine explosion. As a young girl she is not allowed outside unless accompanied by an adult. But when her father is taken away by the police her mother can’t cope. So Parvana cuts off her hair and pretends to be a boy. She sets herself up as a scribe in the local market so she can make enough money to keep her family alive. But every day she risks being found out. A compelling and very credible story. Hard to put down.

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Highly Recommended (dma) . *****

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7 thoughts on “Growing up in Afghanistan”

  1. This book really is a must read. Even though it is a fiction book I learnt alot about Afghanistan. There were alot of interesting events in this book that definetly kept me interested in reading it. I highly recomend this book!!

  2. This book almost entered me with tears reading about Parvana and the girls in Afghanistan, I always wonder how lucky girls in Australia are.

  3. “Parvana” is a beautiful book. Deborah Ellis has written the story with such raw truth it hit me with a wave of emotions. The characters had such a interesting variety of personalities and they all had me vouching for them, hoping they would pull through in all of their either shared, or personal dilemmas.
    Even if you are not year 8 and reading it for class room purposes I definitely recommend you read this book, “Parvana”.
    Heart touching, sad and memorable, not only does Parvana have you wishing she and her family and friends pull through but you also learn countless facts on the hardships and horrors of life in Afghanistan.
    I give “Parvana” a well deserved rating of five stars: *****

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