Bookmark Days by Scot Gardener (GAR)

Genre: Teenage Romance

Interest Level: High school years (12+)

Bookmark days is about Avril, her cousin Katie, and one seriously hot guy! The Stanton family are complete enemies to the Carringtons, and although they are neighbours, any positive relationship between them is strictly prohibited. That’s why Avril is on the verge of a crisis. Nathaniel Carrington is one of those goose-bumping, heart pounding, stomach churning, “oh-my-god-he-looked-at-me” kind of guys! And when Avril finds her love behind enemy lines a whole lot of chaos unfolds. Will these two stubborn families figure it out, and can Nathaniel and Avril find a way to be together?

I Really believed this story and thought it was very well-written. I thought it was so real and it really gave a perfect snapshot of an ordinary teenage girls life. I Recommend this book to high school girls or ‘young women’. 

Recommendation:  * * * * *

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2 thoughts on “BOOKMARK THIS BOOK!”

  1. I love your description of Nathaniel! He did sound pretty cute and I totally agree with you – this is a great book and very credible. What a great post you bhave written. If you search the blog under the book’s title you might find some other posts on this book, too.

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