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Jonah is feeling the pressure. He is in Year 12 but has no clear idea of where he wants to go when school finishes. One of his best friends seems to be taking to a life of drugs. The mother of a girl with whom he is close, is fighting a losing battle with cancer. His dad is the local town cop. And he has always felt that he lived in the shadow of his popular elder brother. The same brother who reveals he is gay but swears Jonah to secrecy. Is it any wonder that Jonah starts drinking too much and lets his studies slide? Is it any wonder that Jonah’s main obsession seems to be how to lose his virginity before he turns 18? Jonah is a refreshingly credible teenage boy trying to survive Year 12. He makes mistakes, says the wrong thing and doesn’t always know what he feels or why (especially when it comes to his brother’s sexuality). At heart he is a decent kid trying to make sense of his life and stumbling along the way; and as a narrator he has a delightful sense of humour, and is not afraid to laugh at himself. One of the joys in reading this novel is Jonah’s love of surfing – not only does he find solace in the sea and the physicality of surfing, but these scenes are also beautifully described and will be enjoyed even by the non-surfer. A great novel for older readers (the strong language and sexual themes make it more appropriate for this age group) which could be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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