Gilberts Ghost Train by David Metzenthen

Genre: Death and Dying

Interest Level: Yr 7/8

This book is about a boy who is dying and he loves trains. He meets a very nice guy who come every day to tell a story to this dying boy (who is 13 years old). The book tells the story about the boy before he died. It is a great book, in the end one of the people in the book is a ghost. I not going to give away much of the story or the ending. The book is written by David Metzenthen and he writes some great books. A few other good ones include, Danger Wave, and Tiff and the Trout both of which are great books.

Recommended: ****

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One thought on “Gilberts-Ghost-Train”

  1. I agree that this is a great book although it is very sad too. One of the things I liked about the story was that Dallas and his brother were never too sure about whether Gilbert was a ghost or not.. and how this “ghostly” aspect was merged into what is really a very moving account of a family dealing with the reality of a death of a much loved brother and son. The sadness was balanced nicely by the mystery. Definitely need the tissue box handy for the last few chapters though!!

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