Great Vampire action

EVERNIGHT by Claudia Gray

Genre: Horror

Interest Level: Years 9 and up

This is a great vampire book for anyone who enjoyed the “Twilight” series. Lucas and Bianca are attracted to each other after their first meeting but are also a bit wary of taking their relationship further. Bianca is shy and Lucas seems a tad too violent for her liking. Neither seem to be really enjoying life at their boarding school, the Evernight Academy. Just as it seems true love is going to take over… vampires and vampire hunters make an unexpected appearance and life is turned on its head for the young lovers. Will their relationship survive the horrors surrounding them? Are they a modern day Romeo and Juliet – torn apart by their families? This book contains some unexpected twists and turn; it also offers a wonderful romance that seems doomed from the start … despite the obvious attraction of the two teen lead characters. Lucas and Bianca just may rival Bella and Edward in their passion for each other and their frustration at being kept apart. The good news is that the sequel is already being written by Claudia Gray!

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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